Integrous | Integriosity – The Foundation
A new kind of Law Firm whose purpose is to: (A) meet the needs of our clients through our core virtues of Excellence, Loyalty, and Integrity; (B) be a conduit for God’s provision to our owners and employees through a workplace culture of Shalom in which people are connected and flourish by doing what God designed them to do in the way God designed them to do it; and (C) enrich our communities through being a Faithful Presence, all in the way of Jesus for the glory of God
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Integriosity – The Foundation

We believe there are many leaders who are guided by the Bible in their personal lives and sincerely want to live an integrated faith life at work. They have heard about “faith/work integration” in a sermon or conference or book and genuinely want to pursue God’s purpose for their work and for the people and organizations they lead.

Sadly, many are confused or frustrated or even intimidated. Some have given up. Others think they are doing it, but they are actually missing the mark. These problems frequently are the result of hearing a misguided message, an incomplete message or a purely theological message (and then wondering how it practically applies “back at the office”).

There is an answer–we call it Integriosity®. In these blog posts, we will explain the need for a different approach to faith/work integration (the faith and work movement has been around for 90 years, yet 90% of workers are not mobilized for their employers), debunk the “myths” that create confusion, frustration and intimidation, and explain the path to Integriosity® and its fruit. Integriosity® is a new word, but these are not new ideas.  It is going back to Biblical basics and then rolling up our sleeves to see how to actually implement them “back at the office” in a way that humanizes people, adds beauty to the world and glorifies God.

We encourage you to watch (or rewatch) this classic clip from The Matrix:

  • We call the blue pillBusiness as Usual“.
  • We call the red pillIntegriosity“.

Your choice.  

SPOILER ALERT:  In a future post, we will explain why some of the confusion, frustration and intimidation experienced with “faith/work integration”, and the reason some good-intentioned leaders may actually be missing the mark, is because what we think is the red pill is really a placebo.

Remember, all I’m offering is the truth—nothing more. (Morpheus)