Helping Faithful Leaders Lead Faithfully

・Leading faithfully is much more than being ethical and “doing good”

・Many well-intentioned leaders are “missing the mark” (or have given up)

Integrity Advice and Legal Counsel

The path to leading faithfully has four steps:

Renew, Re-Imagine, Re-Align and Restore.

Counsel in



“Help us do the right thing”           


Acting as your “Chief Integrity Counsel”, we can provide a trusted and objective extra set of eyes to help a leader evaluate situations in order to process what path or response is most in line with the values and priorities of the leader and the organization.

Counsel in



“Help us do this in the right way


Providing a trusted and objective extra set of eyes to help a leader plan for and pursue a goal, strategy or project in a manner that factors in the values and priorities of the leader and the organization along the way.

Counsel in



“Help us do things for the right reasons


Helping an organization and its leaders “renew” their understanding of God’s purpose for work and business, “re-imagine” their leadership and organization aligned with a bigger “Why”, and “re-align” the organization’s core values and culture to reflect and support its re-imagined vision.


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Leading Faithfully:

Serve Your People


God created work as a good thing and created people to work.  People are more “fully human” when engaged in meaningful work that unleashes their God-given productivity and creativity in a culture of Shalom built on Biblical principles of relationships, community and human dignity.



Leading Faithfully:

Serve the World


God created a world that flourishes through our productivity and creativity and then commanded us to be instruments of its flourishing.  An organization adds to the beauty of the world and assists in God’s restorative plan for His Kingdom by creating opportunities, goods and services that help families and communities to flourish and by extending its culture of Shalom to all people it touches.  In the process, the work of the organization takes on deeper meaning for its own people.


Leading Faithfully:

Glorify God


If people are called to glorify God in all they do and “love their neighbor”, then organizations must exist to do the same.  An organization does so principally through serving people–by providing opportunities for individuals to express aspects of their God-given identities in creative and meaningful work, by providing opportunities, goods and services that enable families and communities to flourish and by creating a culture of Shalom conducive to the flourishing of all people it touches.


We are just what you have been seeking, if you:

  • Lead a business or non-profit and look to the Bible to guide your personal life
  • Want your leadership to align with your faith
  • Want your organization to embody and reflect Kingdom beliefs, values and priorities rather than the world’s
  • Understand the limitations of content, conferences, coaches and cohorts and are ready for an experienced advisor and trusted counselor to offer truth, guidance and practical advice as you imagine and implement Biblical “business a better way” rather than worldly “business as usual”


If you are drawn to the ideas that drive us, like seeing a divine purpose for business and work, creating an organizational culture of shalom, and using business and work to participate in God’s restorative plan for the world by adding to the beauty of the world, then we would like to share some of our favorite resources (including those that inspired us to form Integrous). We also welcome your suggestions of other helpful guidance.



Are you ready for Integriosity®? Let’s work together.


Our Name & Integriosity®

  • Integrous: It means “marked by integrity”, and integrity is far more than honesty or incorruptibility—it means complete and undivided.  Integrous is committed to helping leaders live congruous lives of “faithful integrity” in which all they do at work is informed, guided and part of their faith. Integrous is committed to helping leaders build organizational cultures of faithful integrity that reflect Biblical values and in which actions align with the organization’s “Why”—it is “integrity with a purpose”. Core to faithful integrity are the two great commandments (love God and love your neighbor) and God’s model of love as giving and serving generously.
    Integriosity®= Integrity + Generosity: We made up the word “Integriosity® to capture the goal of living out faithful integrity, including having a “Why” centered on loving and serving others with generosity Integriosity® arises from a commitment to Biblical beliefs, principles and priorities that leads a person or organization, instinctively, to do the right things, for the right reasons and in the right ways. It is not striving out of duty, to be accepted or to receive blessings. It is the alignment of belief and action through transformation.
    In describing his concept of “faithful presence” (how we live out the commandment to love and serve others generously), sociologist James Hunter says we are called “to enact the shalom of God” wherever God has placed us, which includes managing organizations “in a way that grows out of a Biblical view of relationships, community and human dignity.”  We believe this requires aligning organizational core virtues with Biblical core virtues and cultivating an organizational culture of Shalom that reinforces those organizational core virtues—it requires Integriosity®.
  • Our Mission, Vision & Manifesto

  • Mission: Our mission is to humanize people, beautify the world and glorify God by encouraging and assisting organizations and leaders to do the same, through Integriosity® and in the Way of Jesus.
    Vision: Our vision is that God’s restorative plan for His Kingdom would be assisted by a movement of leaders and organizations intentionally pursuing the alignment of Integriosity®, curating workplace cultures of shalom and enriching their communities by being a faithful presence, all for the glory of God.
    Manifesto: Integrous is founded on the belief that “why” matters and business and work have divine purposes.  While profit is necessary, business exists to glorify God, principally through serving people–by providing goods and services that enable communities to flourish and by providing opportunities for individuals to express aspects of their God-given identities in creative and meaningful work.  Integrous is also founded on the belief that all people are created in the image of God and, as such, should be treated fairly and with dignity.  Every participant in an enterprise can make a valuable contribution to the enterprise’s vision and has unique insights on how that vision can be realized.
  • Our Logo

  • Our logo is a registered service mark that incorporates a Celtic knot sometimes referred to as the “Trinity Knot”. The “Trinity Knot” is made up of a three-cornered “triquetra” or “trefoil” interlaced with a circle. In mathematics, the trefoil knot (named after the trefoil plant—or three-leaf clover) is the simplest example of a nontrivial knot, meaning that it is not possible to “untie” the trefoil knot in three dimensions without cutting it. The triquetra has been used for centuries to represent the Biblical Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The addition of the unbroken circle has been used to symbolize eternity and, when interwoven in the triquetra, the indivisible and equal unity of the three elements. We believe it is a powerful representation of integrity as “the quality or state of being complete or undivided” and of our desire to live undivided lives informed and guided by our faith in the God of the Bible. As a representation of the Biblical Trinity, it also symbolizes the perfect community that exists in a culture of shalom.