#004 – Integriosity – The Basics – Goal

Integriosity® = Alignment

The core of Integriosity is an alignment of purpose, values and culture arising from a commitment to Biblical beliefs, values and priorities that leads a person or organization, instinctively, to do the right things, in the right ways and for the right reasons. As we said in the last post, it is not striving out of duty, to be accepted or to receive blessings. It is the alignment of belief and action through transformation.

There are plenty of examples of organizational cultures that encourage or even drive people to do the wrong things–Wells Fargo and Boeing are two that have been in the headlines.  Purpose and values define the culture of an organization; the culture shapes the behavior of the people in the organization; and the behavior of the people drives the results of the organization.  Whether an organization ultimately does the right things, in the right ways and for the right reasons, goes back to its purpose–the “Why” at its heart, which is not necessarily the purpose on the website.

A “Why” devoid of a moral compass (e.g., profit maximization) does not support enduring values or a righteous culture.  If, for example, profit maximization is really the “Why” behind a culture (even an intentional and healthy culture), then stated values can change or be ignored (and culture can change) to adapt to the current or perceived demands of investors, management, employees, vendors or customers–values become a tool to achieve profit rather than “the right thing to do” and “who we aspire to be”.

The sales culture rooted itself so deeply among employees in Wells Fargo branches that it eventually spiraled out of control. . . . The high-pressure sales environment defied the bank’s official policy. (Wall Street Journal)

The alignment of Integriosity begins with alignment of the purpose and vision of the organization with the Biblical purpose for the organization.  Once purpose and vision are aligned, the next step is to align the values of the organization with Biblical values and with the organization’s purpose and vision.  Once alignment of purpose, vision and values is in place, the final (and most difficult) step toward Integriosity is cultivating and curating an organizational culture that reflects and reinforces that purpose, vision and values.

The goal of alignment is that, over time, people will begin to do the right thing (WHAT), in the right way (HOW), for the right reasons (WHY), without thinking, because that will have become the DNA of the organization and it aligns with a desire hard-wired into each person–to glorify God.

SPOILER ALERT:  The first step in the process of Integriosity is RENEW, and one of the five key “mind-shifts” we believe is necessary to embrace fully God’s purpose for work and business is “Greed is Not the Creed”.

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