#008 – Integriosity – The Need – Workplaces are Broken

There is no shortage of statistics showing that most workers feel disengaged and disconnected from the activity that was intended to bring flourishing and fulfillment by unleashing their God-given creativity and productivity.  Central to the the red pill of Integriosity® is humanizing people by redeeming work and business– bringing it closer to God’s design in Genesis.

Because (1) humanity was created in the image of a creative and productive God, (2) work was created as a good thing, (3) the world was created to actually need humanity to cultivate it, (4) God commanded humanity to cultivate and steward His creation, and (5) God declared all of it “good”, work was created as an essential part of the life of a creative and productive humanity.  Sadly, “business as usual” creates work cultures and environments that, more often than not, leave people feeling disengaged and disconnected from an activity meant to bring fulfillment and flourishing.  Employee trust and cooperation are low and both work hours and workplace stress have increased in recent years.

Although recent Gallup figures show a promising uptick in worker engagement in 2019 to the highest levels seen since Gallup began tracking engagement in 2000, engagement remains pathetically low.  In recent years, roughly 75% of workers have identified as “not engaged” (in Gallup’s words, “those who are psychologically unattached to their work and company  and who put time, but not energy or passion, into their work”) or “actively disengaged” (“those  who have miserable work experiences and spread their unhappiness to their colleagues”).  Other studies have indicated that roughly 60% of the engaged workers do not feel aligned with their company’s mission.  That suggests only 10% of workers are effectively mobilized–experiencing an essential part of their humanity.  The remaining 90% are experiencing varying levels of dehumanization.

`{`Connection`}` contributes to bringing out the best in people and energizes them, making them more trusting and more resilient to face life's inevitable difficulties. (Michael Stallard)

In his book Connection Culture: The Competitive Advantage of Shared Identity, Empathy, and Understanding at Work, Michael Stallard cites studies indicating that workers who feel engaged and connected are 20% more productive than the average employee and 87% less likely to leave the organization.  In addition, worker engagement and connection impacts things like quality defects, absenteeism, and customer satisfaction.

SPOILER ALERT:  Central to the red pill of Integriosity is doing things for the right reasons.  Work and business should be redeemed because it is the right thing to do in pursuing Integrity and Generosity, not because it increases productivity or reduces attrition.  Even healthy cultures can be intentionally curated for the wrong reasons.  Often the real “Why” for doing good (or even being “Godly”) is profit.

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