We Believe

Who We Choose to Be is Defined by What We Believe

We Believe:

  • “Why” matters, and business has a greater purpose than just the creation of profit
  • The greater “Why” of business is to glorify God, principally through serving people by providing  goods and services that enable communities to flourish and opportunities for individuals to flourish
  • Every organization has a culture, and the culture of an organization directly impacts whether it is able to fulfill its greater purpose

We Believe:

  • All people are created in the image of God and, as such, should be treated fairly and with dignity
  • God designed people to work and to experience joy and fulfillment through productivity and creativity
  • Every organization has a culture, and the culture of an organization impacts the productivity, creativity and well-being of its people

We Believe:

  • God designed a perfect world that will one day be restored as God’s Kingdom, and that we are invited to participate now in God’s restorative process
  • Everything we do, including through business, brings the world either a little closer or a little further from God’s design of truth, beauty and goodness
  • A workplace culture that produces and promotes shalom will lead to people who are more engaged, productive and creative

We Are Driven by a Desire To Help and Serve Institutional Clients:

  • Who see such a greater purpose for business and work
  • Who seek to manage their organization based on a Biblical view of relationships, community and human dignity
  • Who want to shape the culture of their organization thoughtfully and intentionally to reflect their values and priorities