#012 – Blue Pill Brokenness – Business As Usual

We call the blue pill “business as usual”, and it is broken.  At Integrous, we believe there are four key aspects of “business as usual” that lead to brokenness:  Profit as Purpose; Scarcity; Self-Interest; and “Can We” Ethics.

If you have been following our Integriosity posts (hopefully you have!), you have seen how the workplace is broken and that brokenness is breaking workers.  The work that was created to be a blessing and a reflection of God’s character (and that is essential for humans to experience the fullness of their humanity) has become a burden that we can’t wait to “retire” from.

In the next several posts, we will explore four aspects of “business as usual” that we believe are at the core of its brokenness as well as the problems they create:

  • Profit As Purpose:  The idea that the primary or sole purpose of “business as usual” is the maximization of financial profit for the benefit of shareholders.
  • Scarcity:  The idea that “business as usual” is built on the premise that resources are scarce.
  • Self-Interest:  The idea that “business as usual” is built on the premise that people act in their own self-interest.
  • “Can We” Ethics:  The idea that “business as usual” is based on an ethics of “can we do it”–is it legal (or even if it isn’t, are we likely to get caught).

We will then dig into broken aspects of “work as usual”.

The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates are destroyed by fire. (Nehemiah 1:3)

At the core of Integriosity is the belief that the blue pill of “business as usual” and, as a consequence, “work as usual” are broken precisely because they ignore God’s design for His creation–including humanity and work.  The red pill of Integriosity is an “ancient path” back to our design–back to our humanity, back to beauty and back to our ultimate purpose of glorying the God in whose image we were created.  Like Nehemiah, our job is to dig into the rubble and begin rebuilding business and work according to God’s design–in alignment with Biblical principles.

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