#005 – Integriosity – The Basics – Process

Integriosity® = Renew, Re-Imagine, Re-Align and Restore

There are four stages in the process toward Integriosity, each of which lays the groundwork for the next:

  • RENEW – “renew your mind” to understand God’s purpose for work and business.  You can’t align the purpose and vision of your organization with God’s purpose for work and business until you have a sound understanding of work and business from a Biblical perspective.  We believe that there are five key “mind-shifts” necessary to embrace fully God’s purpose for work and business.  These will be explained in future posts:
    • Principle-WHAT-“Faith Can’t Fit Into Work.  You can’t understand faith/work integration until you understand WHAT integration means–and it doesn’t mean trying to integrate your faith into your work.
    • Person-WHO-“You Are Not What You Do.  You can’t understand the WHY or HOW of faith/work integration until you understand WHO you are–and your primary identity can’t be your job.
    • Purpose-WHY-“Greed Is Not the Creed.  You can’t understand the HOW of faith/work integration until you understand WHY you are doing what you do–and it can’t be to maximize profit.
    • Practice-HOW-“Symbols Are Secondary. The HOW of faith/work integration follows naturally once you understand WHAT, WHO and WHY (and it is not as scary as you might think)–and getting the courage to put a fish on your stationary is not the priority.
    • PriorityWHEN-“The Time Is Now.  Armed with WHAT, WHO, WHY and HOW, it becomes clear that faith/work integration should be a priority.
  • RE-IMAGINE – with a renewed understanding of God’s purpose for work and business, begin to re-imagine your leadership and your organization aligned with it’s bigger “Why”.  Re-imagine the purpose, vision, values and culture.
  • RE-ALIGN – with a re-imagined image of your leadership and your organization, begin to take the concrete steps to re-align your organizations purpose, vision, values and culture to reflect and support your re-imagined image.
  • RESTORE – lead your organization as a partner in God’s restorative plan for His Kingdom by intentionally pursuing , curating an organizational culture of Shalom and enriching your communities by being a Faithful Presence.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. (Romans 12:2)

We will explain each of these steps in greater detail in future posts.  Unfortunately, we believe many faith-inspired leaders begin the process of re-alignment with the best intentions but without understanding the key “mind-shifts” necessary to have a solid foundation for their changes.  In fact, we believe “faith/work” content, testimonies and rhetoric that misses these key shifts can actually steer leaders off the “ancient path” onto side roads that aren’t bad but “miss the mark”.

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